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Blog Posts by The College Coaches:

  1. NEW! Blog on College List Creation:  How to Help Your Student Create a College List (Leave the Legwarmers and Bomber Jackets in the ‘80s: Update Your View–and Your Look!–for College Counseling in 2022)
  2. Guide for Visiting College Campuses.
  3. How Will I Be Read: What Matters Most on College Applications
  4. Kathleen’s article entitled “Feeling “Listless” about Your College List? Help is Here!” has been posted by Applerouth Test Prep and also by Teen Life.


  1. Webinar Recordings (On Admissions overall, the Essay…Check them out!)
  2. Video podcast Kathleen hosted on the mental health impacts of applying to college.
  3. Interview hosted by Abundance Wealth Advisors discusses our process in assisting students through their college application process; from interviews, essay writing, application process, and more!

General Resources 

  1. Latest statistics (Aug 2022) on EA/ED acceptance rates as well as average merit aid packages: Stats from Latest Admission Cycle
  2. Favorite College Search Site: BigFuture by College Board
  3. List of Test Optional Schools at
  4. Online College Tours
  5. Best College Search Books:
  6. Article on the rising cost of attending College as even public Universities spend more on amenities and aesthetics to lure in applicants: “A Crimson Tide of Debt”.  


The College Coaches only has a few partners whom we trust and recommend without reservation.

The College Funding Coach provides free college financial advice and has exceptional resources.

Top Score Education provides SAT and ACT tutoring that is superior to any other firm.  We have used them ourselves!

Additional Resources:

Typical cost of services from The College Coaches

Typical cost of services from Google search

List of College Acceptances (and Visits)

Kathleen’s book:  Sex, Drugs, and the S.A.T., Getting out of High School and Getting in to College.

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