Preseason Pass for 9th Grade:

How to make the most of High School–while having fun too!

Selecting  classes to support your application is often a balancing act between rigor and maintaining mental health. 

Caroline will help you sort out what is most important and focus your efforts on the classes and activities that matter most to your student.  Our team has presented to high school parent associations to help find your student’s passions for class, activities, and part-time jobs.  Students typically enroll in their second semester before summer. The overview of the meetings is below:

Meeting 1: Kick-off and Course Selection (60 mins)

Planning out academic goals with actionable steps

  • Review responses to The College Coaches’ pre-meeting questionnaires for the student and parent
  • Discuss current classes and academic rigor for next year and beyond while using our brainstorming worksheet as a guide. 
  • Provide timeline for college application process 
  • Explore broad requirements for choosing a college 
  • Coaches: Head Coach
  • Players: Parent(s) and Student
Meeting 2:  Summer and Extracurricular Activities (60 mins) 

What matters to you most?

  • What do you want the cadence of your summer to feel like? Discussion of how interests can be fueled through different experiences: academic, work, research, volunteer. 
  • A discussion on how to become involved in high school in an authentic and productive way. This includes school activities, athletic options, volunteer opportunities, artistic endeavors.
Meeting 3: Standardized Testing Guideline and Wrap Up (60 mins)

You’ve got this!

  • Development of individualized testing timeline and suggestions for test prep
  • Follow-up to summer plans
  • Tips to prepare for the college process and time to answer any lingering questions
  • Suggestion of next steps
  • Coaches: Head Coach
  • Players: Parent(s) and Student

Email support to answer related questions from the student and parents is included as well, estimated at 60 minutes.

Meet Caroline First!

We would be delighted to offer a free introductory meeting!

Fixed fee for Pre-Season Pass: $1,199

Bundle price discounted based upon 3 meetings, email support at $300/hr.
@5 hours including work done outside of meetings: $1,500 value