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Common Application Essay:  The main essay typically takes about 2-3 hours in total, depending on the student. The student does not have to have a topic in mind as we can guide the student in brainstorming. Typically, the student spends just an hour of working through his or her ideas and thoughts which are captured in the student’s voice as a “talking draft.” It is important to note that it is always their work…their voice…the dialogue-type-responses show their voice…integrity of writing is in her blood as a teacher. Students can either edit their talking draft, or we can edit the draft, emailing both the student and parents a copy with her edits visible, and a clean copy with the edits incorporated.  Students can also complete the essay by attending the summer class. If you already have an essay drafted, we can do editing via Google Docs. Greg has extensive experience providing essay support and can be scheduled here.