Career Direction Coaching

Need Help Launching Your Career?

Our career direction coach provides tactical guidance on resume building, job searching, interview preparation, and career planning.  Special introductory offer – 45 minutes for $99!  Book today

Our Career Direction classes are offered in-person in DC June 24-27 and each is also available 1:1 via zoom.  

Career Direction Class 1: Declaring and Marketing Your Value

  • Develop and sharpen your resume and value proposition to ensure they are communicating their unique value to prospective employers.

Career Direction Class 2: Nailing the Interview

  • Pull back the curtain on what employers evaluate, and smart ways to prepare in order to nail the interview.
  • Course will be interactive through the facilitation of mock interviews.

Career Direction Class 3: Getting the Offer

  • Review what and how to communicate through the offer process to move a prospective employer to move you to top of their list. 
  • Learn how to best negotiate the terms and conditions for employment.

Career Direction Class 4: Maximizing Possibilities

  • This class will empower you with focused insight to understand and embrace career paths and possibilities.  
  • The facilitator will peel back assumptions to reveal previously unconsidered possibilities and considerations.
  • Build the skills to continue maximizing your career possibilities on an ongoing basis.


Classes are 90 minutes in person and 60 minutes on Zoom.  $149/class or $199 for 1:1 on Zoom.  $499 for all four classes or $650 for all four 1:1.  Introductory offer until July 1 (33%-50% off).  Register at the bottom of our summer classes page here.

Set the Foundation
Sara will develop an ARC with your student to observe their education, experience, potential, and development in 3D, resulting in significantly elevated self-awareness.  She will encourage your student to:
  • Accept what your student has achieved and how it has shaped him/her/them. 
  • Release assumptions about what your student should or shouldn’t be doing. 
  • Claim opportunities.
This bundle will offer your student 3 hours of coaching and a set of tools for success.

Setting the Foundation

All Career coaching available at $300/hr.
3 hours and Narrative Intelligence Survey ($100) bundle for $850 ($1,000 value).
Limited Time

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