Welcome to our scheduling page!

If you know which coach you’d like to work with, or do not have a preference, you can use our Calendly scheduling wizard.  You may also review our coaches here and schedule with a specific coach.


We offer several fixed fee bundles including a core offering for college advisory, “Get in the Game” Season Pass and “The Game-Winning Essay”.  Other services are offered hourly and rates are by service as follows:

Common Application Completion or Financial Aid/Merit Aid Advisory:  $250/hr.

Essay Support/Editing/Advisory:  $275/hr.

College Counseling Strategic Advisory (outside of “Get in the Game” bundle): $300/hr.

(Note: Any time not specifically covered by a service bundle that is spent on phone calls, zoom meetings, or emails is billed at the hourly rate with a 15 minute minimum and work is rounded to 15 minute intervals.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are billed at 50% of the appointment time booked.)