2/8:The College Funding Coach “Money Matters and Stress Stinks:Tame the Tension when Applying to and Paying for College”

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Get Your Head in the Game

Includes three meetings, an exploratory college list, and targeted resources to start the process! 
  • A free introductory meeting is strongly recommended as a first step!
  • This bundle is designed to get Sophomores started in the process.  Clients who enroll in this bundle are given a discount of $200 off the Junior Season Pass (no Senior bundle required).
  • Essay coaching is available separately as a bundle or hourl
Resources Included in “Get in the Game” Season Pass for Sophomores:

Meet a Coach First!

We would be delighted to offer a free introductory meeting to ensure we match your needs to our team!

Fixed fee for "Get in the Game" Season Pass for Sophomores: $1,699

Bundle price is discounted based upon @6+ hours of strategic advisory at $300/hr. ($2,000 value)