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The following are “typical” cost ranges for services offered by The College Coaches.  All services are billed on an hourly basis (varies based upon coach, typically $250/hr.)  All services have a 15 minute minimum for meetings, emails, or calls and the following are estimates only.  

Unlike some other independent counselors, The College Coaches never pressure clients to meet again and again or to commit to a package. If you only need one hour of help, that is fine!

If you’re unsure about how you’d like to proceed after reading about her services, you are invited to schedule a free introductory call by clicking here: Calendly Free Consultation.  Kathleen can also be reached via email at She’d be delighted to provide more information free of charge to help you with your coaching decision!

Some of the services offered include: Family Meetings, College Lists, Common Application Essay Guidance, Supplemental Essay Guidance, Completing the Common Application (Excluding Essay), and Check-in or Conference Call (recurring).  She also has experience helping with high school and graduate school application essays.

 Family Meetings:  Family Meetings typically run 60 to 75 minutes ($250 to $313). 

College Lists:  Most families request an expanded college list, which typically takes 45-90 minutes ($188-$367).

 Common Application Essay:  The main essay usually takes about three hours in total but may only take two hours (assumes no draft ($500-$750).  Students with an existing draft are billed at the hourly rate, and edits may be less than an hour or several hours depending upon the maturity of the draft. ($125-$500).

 Editing and Developing Supplements: Supplemental essay work ranges based upon the length and number of supplements.  Students typically ask for guidance on between 3-6 supplements which takes from 1-2 hours.  ($250-$500).    

 Completing the Common Application (Excluding Essay):  Completing the Activities Section in the Common Application is more important than most students realize.  The order of the activities, the activities to include (and omit), as well as effective descriptions are important factors in making a Common Application uncommonly good!  Much of the sections can be completed on your own and then reviewed by a Coach.  Collaborating on the application typically takes an hour or up to two hours on average.  ($250-$500).  

Interviewing Tips and Practice: Interviewing guidance is based upon experienced alumni interviewing for a top university and 25 years of professional college counseling experience.  Students typically ask for tips and guidance along with a brief practice session that typically only takes 30 minutes with immediate feedback.  ($125).

 Check-in or Conference Call (recurring): This optional service is for regular check-ins (weekly or monthly) to review essays, evaluate college lists, or discuss next steps for the student. This service (like the others) is subject to a 15 minute minimum and may last for 30 minutes per session.   (Please note: Time dedicated to phone calls, emails, and meetings are billed at the hourly rate with a 15 minute minimum, and cancellations within 24 hours of appointments are billed at 50% of the appointment timeframe.)